Music at the O

by Adam on Saturday, July 10th, 2010

The Playdates show scheduled for last night was unfortunately called off due to technical difficulties. Their van broke down in New Brunswick and they were unable to get the show rolling by the time the van was. Hopefully when they next come to Halifax we can get them in again. A big thanks to those that came out, and sorry for the outcome!

Tonight (July 10) is a new deal for us. Heavy music at the Oasis. Come on down and listen to some great metal music. Show starts at 10pm.

Next Friday was supposed to bring us Hartford, In Lights, and Going Through The Motions. Unfortunately, their other shows in the area cancelled on them, and they (as a travelling band) couldn’t afford to come for just the one show in Nova Scotia.

Have you got a band? Want to play a live gig? Contact us at for information.

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